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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Tilo-3Z+
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Tilo-3Z+


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The TILO-3 ™ is the smallest thermal imaging goggles in the world, so it is recommended to use it as a headlamp. The TILO-3Z + ™ is the improved version of the TILO-3Z ™. It has a particularly high thermal resolution of <40mK and thus delivers images with even higher contrast even in poor ambient conditions. Such a high quality can often only be found in the much larger cooled thermal imaging devices.

The professional version of the TILO-3Z ™ also has a much higher refresh rate of 60Hz. This means that the image is very calm and there is almost no delay between the sensor and the screen display.

Technical specifications:

  • 320 × 256 pixels 60Hz sensor resolution microbolometer
  • <40mK temperature resolution
  • Use: –30 ° to + 60 ° C / storage –40 ° to + 80 ° C
  • Water protection: IP68
  • Impact protection: MIL 810F 516 IV (26 drops from 1.22 m)
  • Video output: PAL / NTSC
  • Dimension:
    • Length: 40mm
    • Width: 64mm
    • Height: 67mm
  • Weight: approx. 100g without accessories
  • Screen resolution: 873 × 500 pixels
  • Materials:
    • Housing: polyamide, cold break resistant reinforced with nanotubes
    • Eyepiece cover made of sapphire glass
    • Color: Black

In the box: TILO-3Z + ™, eyecup, CR123 battery, cleaning cloth, small wrist strap, waterproof transport case, brief instructions, manual