M2124-LR Unfilmed White Phos 2376+ Min FOM

M2124-LR Unfilmed White Phos 2376+ Min FOM

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The M2124-LR (known commercially as the Clip-On Night Vision Device – Long Range) converts an existing magnified day scope into a long range-capable night vision optic. The M2124-LR attaches to M1913 Picatinny Rail in front of standard day scopes. Using a fast catadioptric lens, it gathers more light than its little brother, allowing it to provide crisp night vision images out to extended distances. The M2124-LR can be easily attached and removed so the operator only needs to carry one weapon system for both day and night engagements. Clip-on sights offer other benefits such as allowing shooters to maintain established eye relief on their day scope and the ability to use it in front of a spotting scope as well.

Minimum FOM of 2376

Dimensions: 9.9″(L) x 3.8″(W) x 3.4″(H)

Weight: 1.9 lbs.

Finish: Field Dark Earth

Power: One (1) CR123 or One (1) AA Battery

Battery Life: 16+ Hours Constant

Rail Mount: Throw Lever

Shock: Shock Mitigation System Up to/Including 7.62×51 NATO

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

System Specs:

Generation: Gen3 U.S.

Resolution: 64 lp/mm (Minimum)

Signal to Noise: 21 (Minimum)

HALO: 1.0 (Max)

System Performance: 3.86 (Min), 4.86 (Typical)

Photocathode Sensitivity: 190 (Minimum)

EBI: 2.5 (Max)

Magnification: Unity

Optimum Mag: 4X-15X

Gate: Auto

FOV: 8º

Focus Range: 27.3 yards to Infinity

Gain: Adjustable


Objective: 68mm

Objective F/: Fast F/1.85 Catadioptric

Output Optic: 110 mm (4.3 in)


Full Moon: 1,800 meters


Full Moon: 3,350 meters


Accuracy: Factory Aligned 0.4 MOA or Better

Retention: Permanent to Within 1 MOA or Better

Adjustments: None

Repeatability: Within 1/2 MOA

INCLUDES: Batteries, Soft Carry Case, Battery Conversion Adapter, Lens Cleaning Kit, Wrench, Operator’s Manual, Collimator Hood